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In 1969, when MSI Inventory Service Company was established, inventory counting was nothing like it is today. This change has, in part, been thanks to MSI. By leading the industry in technology/software development and customer service, MSI has redefined inventory counting, saving customer's time and money by consistently and reliably delivering accurate, unbiased inventory results.

Based in Jackson, Mississippi, the crossroads of the South, MSI started out like most other inventory service companies - a small-profile, low-tech, regional operation. However, we quickly earned the respect of our customers with attention to detail, customer service, and technology; and the company began to grow.

Notwithstanding MSI's growing customer base and the success of our hand-held radio frequency technology, Mr. James McClain, the company's founder, wanted to preserve the traditions of the company by remaining a small, regional business.

However, as MSI's 30th anniversary approached, Mr. McClain made the decision to move into a more national role, bringing in new leadership and updating philosophies. Now, MSI is expanding into one of the largest inventory services in the nation.

For years, there has been the need for another national inventory service. MSI is perfect to fill this void. Because the other national inventory services can prioritize larger companies, smaller companies often end up with short staffed crews and over-inflated quotes. MSI is breaking this cycle by expanding our company using an innovative franchising program. MSI and its franchises utilize the same cutting edge true radio frequency technology and operational experience - in effect, creating a national company overnight.

MSI offers a full line of innovative services to its retailers and franchises. This new line of support helps reduce cost and overhead at the company level, which will reduce costs to our customers. Additionally, while MSI and its franchises have the advantages that only come from being a national corporation, most notably the resource of cutting edge technology, we continue to deliver consistent, quality, customer service. By remaining receptive and responsive to customer's needs and continuing to invest in new technology that allows us to become more efficient and accurate, MSI will continue to become a dominant factor in inventory servicing.

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